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December 05, 2005

My New Space on MySpace

UPDATE: Since I made this post, I have published a new book called MySpace Music Marketing. Check out my new web site,, for details.

I finally took the plunge and set up shop on You'll find my new page at If you're hip to the MySpace thing, go there and add me as a friend, leave a comment, check out some of my audio tracks and a groovy set of new photos.

Even though I knew the site was a great place for artists to network and gain fans -- from indie garage bands to major label giants -- I've resisted staking a claim there myself. Why? Well, frankly, it seems so many of the people who use the site just mindlessly flirt and post nonsense comments, silly images and more.

However ...

Because so many active young people (as mindless and nonsensical as they are) use the site, MySpace is obviously an excellent online hangout to meet new music fans. And as demonstrated by the huge numbers of profile views, song plays and friends that some acts have racked up, it's been very, very good for a lot of indie artists.

Some of the nicer, high-traffic music pages I've discovered so far include:

Cori Yarckin
930,658 profile views, 90,569 friends, 1,050,787 total plays

Atomic Blonde
220,142 profile views, 31,084 friends, 269,536 total plays

181,194 profile views, 23,108 friends, 90,155 total plays

Tara Leigh Cobble
19,306 profile views, 3,220 friends, 20,110 total plays

You may know that one of my indie music marketing rules is this: Go to where your ideal fans are. My fans happen to be independent musicians who are actively promoting themselves.

Following My Own Rule

It didn't take me long to figure out that MySpace is where thousands of indie acts are busily promoting themselves. If they're crawling all over that site, I need to have a presence there too.

That's the long version of this short story: I've got a new page at MySpace. Check it out at



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posted by Bob Baker @ 7:10 PM   1 comments


At Dec 7, 2005, 12:20:00 AM, Anonymous Michael said...

251 friends in around 4 days!

I think it's a good idea for you to be on there and hopefully it will attract a whole range of new people who never knew your helpful advice existed.


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