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January 23, 2006

Smart Viral Music Marketing

The best way to dive into this topic is to share one of the action steps I recommend in my soon-to-be-published book, Guerrilla Music Marketing, Encore Edition:

Get exposure as an expert beyond your site. While you're posting all of your valuable reviews, links and commentary on your own site, don't stop there. Offer some of your resources to other webmasters, newsletter editors, bloggers and podcasters. Exposure through these other outlets will bring more traffic your way and help establish you as someone who knows his or her stuff.

Also, put together a directory or list of top items in your genre, such as "The Top 10 Cool Jazz Albums of All Time" or "Six Reasons Classical Music Is Good for Your Brain." Make it available as a PDF download from your site and print out copies to hand out at live events. Of course, this list will credit you as the author with a reference to your band and web site.

If I had known about Brent Hoodenpyle & The Loners sooner, I would have included a reference to Brent's brilliant Alt Country Survival Guide. It's described on his site this way:

This is the home of the Alt Country Survival Guide, the ebook filled with hundreds of links to the best alt country sites on the web. It also includes the bonus ebook "How to Turn Your Computer into an Alt Country Tivo That Automatically Delivers Music, Programming, and Interviews That YOU Want to Hear -- To Your Desktop 24/7!"

And this is what David Hooper had to say about the Guide on his Music Business Marketing blog:

Brent wanted to have something to send to people on his mailing list as thanks for their support over the past year, so he created the "Alt Country Survival Guide." To expand his reach, he extended the offer to other bands and let them brand versions of the guide for their lists.

The result was not only increased loyalty from his current subscribers; he also made a ton of new fans and great connections with other musicians who can help him out in other ways.

Now that is smart viral music marketing!


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At Jan 24, 2006, 6:57:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


This has got my old puzzler turning its gears. It is a lot of work to do something like this but I'm trying to think of the right thing that would be fun for me and beneficial for others as well. For the kind of music I make (unpredictable hip hop for upbeat people) this resource is virtually untapped. Oh the possibilities...

Jason Fladlien
(Straiht Wikid Crew)


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