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March 29, 2006

Music Marketing Scavenger Hunt - Part 2

In yesterday's post I described my "music marketing idea challenge" visit to the public library and shared some fresh concepts I came up with.

Today I give you three more self-promotion ideas sparked by another unlikely source.

Source: "The Artist's Magazine" - May 2005

Original Idea: An article on fine arts promotion suggested that painters should "offer to write about art happenings for the local newspaper."

Music Marketing Spin: Offer to write music reviews or commentaries for your local music rag. This will give you a higher profile in your community.

Original Idea: Some artists include small images of their paintings on their business cards.

Music Marketing Spin: Print your CD cover or promo photo on your business card for extra impact -- especially if the image is eye-catching.

Original Idea: Artists who want to bypass galleries should hang art in coffee shops and offer the owners a commission on any resulting sales.

Music Marketing Spin: Give away in-store play copies of your CD to specialty retail shops that cater to your ideal fans. Offer to place additional copies on the counter so people who inquire about the music can purchase your CD.

Check tomorrow's blog post for more.


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At Aug 18, 2010, 8:57:00 AM, Blogger Jackie said...

I love the idea of giving my music to a retailer. I think my target audience includes females 10-35, so I'm definitely going to try shopping it around to some local clothing boutiques. Great idea! I hope it works.


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