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March 13, 2006

You the Underdog = Media Exposure

According to publicity expert Kevin Nunley, you can greatly increase your odds of landing media coverage if you can tie your story into "one of America's cherish beliefs."

He writes:

Story lines such as "the little guy takes on corruption" or "formerly poor single mom takes on the business world and succeeds" or "one guy gets fed up and cleans up his neighborhood" are stories the media always jumps on. Even if you're selling gum, there is probably some way for you to connect your business with one of the many stories that fit into the cherished belief mold.

Well, if someone can successfully use that angle selling gum, certainly you could get coverage as a musician who overcomes an obstacle:
  • Have you overcome an illness or disability?

  • Did you recently have a brush with disaster and maybe even wrote a song about it?

  • Or could you simply play up how you are an indie artist who is making waves in a sea of over-programmed, corporate-sponsored music?
Find the drama in your life and don't be bashful about using that to teach and enlighten others through the media -- while giving your music a nice exposure boost at the same time.

I got this idea from Nunley's awesome 12-page report called "How to Get Free Media Publicity by Sending Press Releases Online." It's part of my brand-new Killer Music Press Kits - Deluxe Edition package, which features the classic "Killer Press Kits" report, along with sample press releases, a 29-Point Checklist, extra bonus material, and a spoken word audio track that guides you through the whole promo package creation process.

Until next time: Be the underdog ... and win!


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posted by Bob Baker @ 2:51 PM   2 comments


At Jul 12, 2007, 1:43:00 PM, Anonymous Rockin' Robin Brantley said...

THIS Rocks Bob! I can't believe the timing of reading it too- we were just talking about how important it is to use these things to promote yourself last night in our band meeting after practice! (Oh, & our homework assignment is to construct a KILLER B.I.S.!!! WE'RE ON IT BABY!)

So get this- I lived through the Iranian revolution when the Ayatollah Khomeni overthrew the Shah in Tehran- I was only 11 years old & had to fend for my 2 younger siblings for many weeks in a war-zone when our parents got trapped across town! We went into hiding & I was the only one who could "pass" so I would have to go find food when I could- got busted once & had to run a looong way to escape & then hide out in a horse stable over night into the next day. Had to fight off revolutionaries coming over our wall with a rifle and a doberman! But we made it out & I think that is why I am now able to write music- my life experience is the kind that movies are made of.

So there you have it, the underdog girl makes good and comes home to the good old USA to grow up & take the world by storm with her music- HERE WE GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)
(PS- if you are reading this & you have not read BRANDING YOURSELF ON-LINE - DO IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You won't believe the info in there! It can change EVERYTHING!)

At Mar 23, 2008, 4:54:00 PM, Blogger Dave Anderson said...

Hey Bob,

Really good advice. I purchased your press kit book and it's been excellent food for thought. I'm tinkering with a few ideas...mostly being how writing and performing helps me deal with those depressive demons. "Singing to overcome the blues"

Pretty sensitive topic, with family and friends having suffered badly with depression, but it's also a geniune disability that is often mistreated.



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