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August 30, 2006

How to Be That Guy or Gal

My friend and fellow author Scott Ginsberg may be only in his late 20s, but he's racked up a number of nice achievements in his young life. Three books, an active speaking schedule, and more media appearances than you can shake a remote control at. On top of that, he's a musician!

His latest book is called "How to Be That Guy: 47 Ways to Create an UNFORGETTABLE Brand That MAGNETIZES More Business" -- and it's his best yet. (Don't let the gender reference in the title fool you. His info is for men and women alike.)

So, are you That Guy or That Gal to your fans? Are you the Funny Folk Singer Guy or the Sexy Latin Singer Gal or something else equally descriptive? If not, it would help your marketing efforts if you were.

Scott is giving away free chapters of his book this month. There's a lot of advice here that applies to the music business. Here's an excerpt from chapter 1:

Why Be That Guy?

Being That Guy is advantageous to your business in several ways.

First, there’s the connection. Customers don’t buy products, they buy people they like and relate to FIRST. Then -- and only then -- do they buy products.

Next is trust. You see, customers no longer trust big companies due to the proliferation of corporate scandals and corruption. (Thanks Enron!) They want a face. A person. An individual they can confide in. So when it comes down to business, everyone trusts That Guy. Because he's a human, not a company.

Then there's credibility, an aura of expertise which is perceived by your customers based on your actions. Not your intentions, your actions. Because people only give you credit for what they see you do consistently.

That Guy also projects authenticity. This is a characteristic present in anyone who is That Guy because he keeps it real. He maintains congruency between what he believes, what he says, and what he does.

This is essential to business success not only because your customers are smarter than ever before, but also because they have better bullshit meters than ever before.

Lastly, there's confidence, the one emotion you want flowing through the mind and heart of every customer you serve. Because when you're That Guy, customers will be confident you're the best. Confident that you will serve them better than anyone. Confident that you're so incredibly unique, knowledgeable and valuable, that you become somebody who reminds them of nobody else.

And in the end, customers want to work with someone who is authentic, real and has passion for what he or she does.

In other words, people want to work with That Guy, not Some Guy.

Good stuff. Also check out Scott's blog and podcast.


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posted by Bob Baker @ 12:10 PM   1 comments


At Aug 31, 2006, 2:18:00 PM, Anonymous johnny i said...

Bob...just joined your blog recently and truly admire your understanding that success goes far beyond than just's the entire brand which first starts with the person.

Here's an interesting stat...a Professional Sales Association interviewed 1000 buyers and asked them to describe their favourite Sales Rep in just ONE word..the word mosted used was NICE. Its all about how and how you project yourself to your target audience...not just in person, but by the way you talk and write. Keep that in mind when you're composing emails or leaving voice messages.

Aside from Nice, Passion and Enthusiasm are key recipes for success...these attributes are contagious and people are naturally drawn to them...girls and guys dig people that are passionate about what they do and how they desribe it...come up with a creative way to describe what you do whenever this question is asked of you in public.

As for what I do... I'm creating a really cool marketing platform to provide indie bands with massive marketing exposure unlike anything you've seen!

Check out and sign up for a sneak preview to find out HOW?! See doesn't that sound sexier than saying I'm creating a music website : )

johnny i
Creative Founder


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