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September 12, 2006

Radio Airplay in 7 Days

Buzz Factor subscriber Jason Fladlien of Straiht Wikid Crew just wrote an article on how he got a song of his written, recorded and played on the radio in one short week in Iowa City, Iowa.

Here's a summary from the article:

Sunday night I got the idea for a song that would gain me expsoure with returning college students. Monday I wrote the song. Tuesday I recorded it. Wednesday I contacted the music director of the college radio station. Friday I delivered it to him, and by Saturday it was on the radio!

The only thing it takes to get your band out there is an idea, some focus, and an understanding of others and their needs.

Jason's inspiring article at


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At Sep 13, 2006, 10:26:00 PM, Anonymous johnny i said...

WE HAD THE #1 SONG ON THE TOP 5 AT 9 ON MAINSTREAM FM RADIO...and we did it only in 10 minutes!

We were only 17 and did what so many aspiring musicians dream of...compose a song in 10 minutes that not only gets FM radio play BUT makes it to #1 spot on the Top 5 at 9! Here's our story:

Our city's most popular FM Radio Station played the Top 5 at 9 every night during the weekday. Everyone would tune in to vote and listen to see who had the #1 song!

The number ONE song at that time was Van Halen - Jump. Me and my music buddies were horsing with our instruments at my friends basement and thought wouldn't it be cool if we actually called up the DJ and asked him to listen to our version of Van Halen we did.

To our surprise, we not only got through, but he agreed to listen to us jam. After hearing us...he said, "hold on"..."I want you guys to do it again so i could record you"...we were shocked, exhilerated and pumped. We called everyone of our friends and told them to listen to the Top 5 at 9. When the DJ was ready to announce the Top #1 song...he said "everyone's in for a treat...we're making history tonight"..."for the first time ever, there is a tie for the number one song"..."here is the number one song" JUMP by the boys in the basement" and low and behold, he actually played a clip of our song.

Only after ours, did he play the real Van Halen song! Here's the best part...we got major BUZZ that night and the next! People started phoning in requesting our song...and the next day, we had people calling voting for our version instead. The DJ had to announce that he could not play that song again!! lol

How many can say, they shared the limelight and radio play with Van Halen and had the #1 song on mainstream FM Radio!!

Think outside the box and never be afraid to ask! You can only benefit if you do!

Speaking of BUZZ..check out our biggest music project to date

We're about to launch an indie music site unlike anything you've seen on the net...check it out and sign up for a SNEAK PREVIEW!

johnny i


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