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October 31, 2006

Knocking Music Fans Off the Fence

When it comes to generating music income from your web site, you must start thinking of the fans who visit your site as falling into one of three categories:

1. People who will buy from you no matter what

2. People who have no intention of spending any money on you

3. People who are on the fence about making a purchase

People in that first category are often your hard-core fans who just found out about a new recording or piece of merchandise you have available. And they want it now. These people have already made up their minds to buy from you, and they go to your web site with the direct intent to make a purchase. These are quite likely some of your favorite fans.

People in the second category are the musical version of tire-kickers. They're looking for freebies or are simply nosing around the Internet checking out new music -- with no intention of parting with their money. And that's fine. You shouldn't curse these people. While they won't buy your music or merch, they may very well talk about you to people who will. And that's a good thing.

It's the people in that fickle third category -- the fence-sitters -- that I suggest you spend more time thinking about. They have money to spend, and are actually considering spending it on you. Some of them actually end up clicking the "Buy Now" button. But some of them -- perhaps a lot of them -- end up clicking away from your site. An opportunity for both of you lost.

So, what can you do to persuade those people on the fence?

A money-back guarantee? A special bonus offer? A discount if they act now? A more appealing description of what your music will do for them? A better song sample?

Take a long look at your music and sales pages. What would it really take to knock a music fan off the fence and into the purchase side of your yard?


P.S. A couple of chapters in Guerrilla Music Marketing, Encore Edition go into depth examining how to sell more music and merchandise, both online and off.

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