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July 16, 2007

Making It: Today's Music Success Model

Another spot-on commentary by Bob Lefsetz. One of my favorite parts:

Success at this point is making a living making music and being able to continue to make said living. The major label hypes make a living for a year or two, but thereafter most go broke/mean nothing.

Take that option if you want instant cash and want to use the fame to branch out into other areas, whether it be movies, TV or clothing … But, if that game doesn't fit you, because you and your music don't fit, you're on your own.

First, make your music. By yourself. Then distribute it, via MySpace, via MP3s, via burned CDs. Get it into the hands of people you know. Sure, it's easier to break if you play live, but there's room for a non-playing Steely Dan-type act on the Web ...

Get people excited. At the beginning, it's all free. You're building your career. You charge after you've gotten some traction. The major label feels it's got to charge immediately, because of its large investment. But you're operating on a shoestring and can invest in your career before you expect a return.

And if and when you do make it, you won't look like a star of old. In your world, everybody will know you, people will sing along with your songs at your shows. But the people walking by outside the building? They'll probably have no idea who you are.

Read the entire thing here. It's a great reminder of the new model for music success.


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