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August 31, 2007

How to Get Media Exposure Online

Want to know a simple way to promote your music online? Here's an email I just received that explains how:

Hey Bob,

This is Jordan with The Gorgeous Hussies. Just wanted to let you know that I used another one of your tips out of your Guerrilla Music Marketing, Encore Edition book. Specifically, your suggestion to post press releases at I've been posting press releases there now for months, and they've been publishing our information all over the Web.
I know posting releases on is beneficial because I have Google Alerts set up (something I think every band should do to gauge their online efforts) to let me know any time "The Gorgeous Hussies" name is published online. Sure enough, sites I never would have heard about are re-publishing our press releases for their visitors to read.

And today I received an email from Mi2n letting me know that The Gorgeous Hussies are featured on the Mi2n home page with our latest press release. This amount of exposure, on the front page of a web site where music industry movers and shakers go often to submit their music news, is great.

Thanks again for another great tip!

Thanks, Jordan. There are two lessons here:

1) Posting online press releases is an excellent way to get exposure online. Not just to reach the media, but to reach fans also, because your news is often picked up by feeds that automatically flow into other music news sites. You can circulate your releases through free services like Mi2n or fee-based ones like Billboard Publicity Wire.
2) There are a ton of ideas just like this in both Guerrilla Music Marketing books (the revised and updated Handbook AND the Encore Edition sequel). If you're really serious about promoting yourself, you can get them and all of my other books at a big discount with this crazy offer.

To your success!


P.S. Also check out Killer Music Press Kits: The 29 Most Important Elements in Creating Sizzling Music Publicity Materials.
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At Sep 16, 2007, 7:32:00 PM, Blogger Netvalar said...

I have been doing some heavy research into press releases for musicians this is a great post for me to look back on as I continue my own research. As this post fit so smoothly with this weeks list of article links for my own blog I included it.

At Oct 7, 2008, 3:46:00 AM, Anonymous Music Chart said...

This is some pretty sound information. It's a tough scenario either way though.


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