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April 04, 2008

Jay-Z Live Nation $150 Million Deal

Here we go again. The music industry change wheel keeps on turning.
The New York Times reported Wednesday that superstar rapper Jay-Z "is on the verge of closing a deal" with concert promoter Live Nation for a reported $150 million -- a deal that could rank among the biggest music contracts ever awarded.

Jay-Z still owes one more studio album to Def Jam, where he was president for three years before stepping down in December after he and Universal Music Group could not agree on a more lucrative contract.

This follows on the heels of another agreement Live Nation struck last week with the band U2. According to Billboard, "It's a 12-year deal ... that includes worldwide touring, merchandising, and the band's Web site. The deal, however, is not a true 360-degree pact, as there is no publishing component and the band retains its relationship with Universal Music to release music."

Exciting times indeed. And it all reinforces the idea that aspiring musicians need to break free from the "I need a record label to save me" mentality.

These days, artists can team up with any number of business partners to make money, reach a wider audience, and make more of an impact. These partners include:
  • Retailers (like Wal-Mart, Starbucks or a local indie record store)
  • Events (such as Earth Day celebrations, SXSW or your church picnic)
  • TV shows (Gray's Anatomy, QVC, a local cable access show)
  • Organizations (Habitat for Humanity, PETA, Obama for President)
  • Venues
  • Web sites
  • Concert promoters
  • Clothing brands
  • Restaurant chains
The list goes on.

Ask yourself these questions ...
  • Where is there an intersection between my style of music, my fans, and the supporters of a business or organization?

  • In what way could I use my music to help a company connect more with its customers?

  • And how might they help me in return?
It's an amazing era. So ask the right questions ... and you might get some amazing answers!


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