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April 09, 2008

'MySpace Music' to Take On iTunes

Here's some big news that could be especially good for indie acts ...

MySpace announced that it has partnered with three of the four major labels (Universal, Sony BMG and Warner) and over the next few months will roll out a new "MySpace Music" platform.

A press release states that the new venture will help users "discover, share, and socialize by adding commerce and music management tools."

That's corporate gobbledygook which means MySpace users will soon be able to buy digital music downloads (as well as merchandise and concert tickets) from both major and indie artists.

My take: This is an interesting development. MySpace claims to have 30 million unique monthly visitors to its Music channel and more than 5 million artist profile pages. This will add an iTunes-like sales component amidst all the social networking chatter on the site.

The question is: Are MySpace surfers actually serious music buyers? Some acts say yes while others say no. Will MySpace Music cut into iTunes' brisk business? Maybe. Amazon recently launched an MP3 download service that apparently has done well, but iTunes continues its growth streak nonetheless.

As long as MySpace opens up its new store to the millions of acts already actively promoting themselves on the site, and if they mix together major and indie music choices, this will be good for a lot of active MySpace music marketers.

Note: Yes, I know that bands have been able to sell downloads on MySpace using Snocap -- a company that has had its struggles and is now being acquired by iMeem. But this MySpace Music deal sounds like it will be a far more prominent and potentially profitable tool.

Stay tuned for more details as it rolls out soon.


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posted by Bob Baker @ 8:55 AM   10 comments


At Apr 9, 2008, 11:48:00 AM, Anonymous Vikki said...

From the reaction I'm reading about, this is not a good thing for Indie Artists at all.

Suggest you read this:

At Apr 9, 2008, 2:35:00 PM, Anonymous Johnny J Blair said...

I am a Myspace abstainer. It is the happy-faced Borg of online diversion away from real work. There is nothing going on there that can't happen in real space. It is the canard of the new millenium. Myspace has the design savvy of a box of junky cereal. It traffics in mediocrity and has never lived up to expectations for most artists, despite much fraudulent hype to the contrary. The party (if there ever was one) is over. So, partnering the Borg with a dysfunctional cadre of major labels is supposed to be good news? Right. A telephone pole is a tree. JJB

At Apr 9, 2008, 9:24:00 PM, Anonymous Neil Rosengarden said...

Right on, Mr. Blair.

I wish I could escape the clutches of myspace. I can't get out. I've written them lots of letters, done what they asked, and still, there I am. I wish I could sue them and make them leave me alone. I have my own website now, and I don't wan't them. They wouldn't let me into the account to make changes!

At Apr 10, 2008, 9:55:00 AM, Blogger sexyguitar said...

Do you remember Artist were payed per play. Used to make some money with my music from the share they gave. They were bought by Universal. Within weeks the site was dead.
To me it's unpredictable what will happen.
Selling mp3s and maybe getting paid for plays (when users embed your song on their site) would be a great thing.

At Apr 10, 2008, 9:18:00 PM, Blogger J C Rockwell said...

Bob- I bought your ebook on MySpace marketing recently, and it really helped me get going in the right direction with my profile. The oodles and oodles of band experiences were good in that I think I avoided some of the common traps.

This new development looks very interesting. I just started getting some of my tracks up in the Snocap store, but I can't seem to get a response from them about why I don't have preview tracks yet. Maybe I'll have to start all over again with the new system?

Anyway, thanks for keeping us up to date on all this --- it certainly is moving fast.

At Apr 11, 2008, 1:36:00 AM, Blogger sexyguitar said...

Bob, I'm curious if cdbaby will negotiate a deal with myspace to have all their catalog on the site.
I'd rather get paid by cdbaby, because they are reliable and accessible.

Take care;


At Apr 15, 2008, 5:34:00 PM, Blogger Nathanael Matthias Weiss said...

Bob, how can this be a good thing for indies if 3 out of the 4 major labels have a stake?? It smells fishy to me. Why does a major label need a percentage of ownership? I feel like they are establishing some ownership so they can make changes as they see fit... Big business is usually guided by "big" people with big dollar signs in their eyes. These big dollar signs... this greed... will destroy any good-natured intentions of them nurturing artists.. which is what they should be doing if they want a truly win-win situation!

At Apr 16, 2008, 3:04:00 PM, Anonymous Shawn Madden said...

Hmmmm... Who knows whether or not this is a good thing for indie artists? Personally, I'm less concerned with what MySpace is doing than I am with what I am doing every day to intimately connect with my audience.

Whether they find me on MySpace, Facebook, ReverbNation, iLike, or any of the other fifteen or so social networks where I have profiles is irrelevant. As is whether or not they buy a $.99 download. As long as the connection is made, and I have a way to gather their email address and zip code, I'm in business - because once I get 'em live and in my email database, they are now MY customers.

If you want to REALLY make a difference in the business of your music, make sure you register and then GET YOUR BUTT to the Indie Buzz Bootcamp.

I will be there, along with 150 other folks who are committed to making it so that YOU can carve out your niche without needing to rely on MySpace.

Go register, already!


At Apr 16, 2008, 5:37:00 PM, Anonymous Rick Curcio said...

i like cdbaby better. just got another royaly check for downloadz/cd sales on 'Storm', 'Solo Records CD', &'Rock Show". Igot alot of mp3's on that are synth based, but haven't got paid yet. maybe cause my songz aren't on iTunes on soundclick. anyone ever got paid from tunecore?

At Apr 17, 2008, 2:12:00 AM, Anonymous Geert Fieuw said...

I think it is an interesting evolution where the "leaders" are following the market. Myspace has grown in an organical, less-than-controlled way, and can or will not be simply replaced by a corporate version.

Yes, I hate the ads and the cluttered layout, but it has more ups than downs.
Yes, the more participants, the more difficult it is to stand out, to make the difference, but I guess that remains the challenge, independant from the chosen form of media.

We have chosen a dual approach : myspace for the "hip and fast", and a more in-depth website for the "classic approach" - for the older fans that want a more tagible approach.

With the release of our forthcoming album "Castles In The Sand", we will focus on itunes sales via myspace and on CD sales via the classic site.

Whatever the trend for the "hip and fast" turns out to be, we'll be there, major labels or not, even if it's just a rip-off of myspace...

Geert Fieuw, Beyond The Labyrinth


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