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January 28, 2009

Join Me for a Live Teleclass Tonight

Tonight (Wednesday, January 28) I'll present another "Ask Bob" music career and marketing teleclass. Joining me will be Natalie Gelman, a gifted and successful indie singer-songwriter from NYC. She will co-host and add her own wisdom to my answers.

Look below for the list of questions we'll discuss tonight. Here are the call-in details:

Date: Wednesday, January 28

Starting time: 9:00 PM Eastern
(8:00 PM Central, 6:00 PM Pacific)

Dial-in number: 218-486-8700

Access code: (enter this number when prompted) 37251

I'm supplying the conference call line. But please know that your regular long distance charges will apply. Hopefully, you have a phone plan that will allow you to call in at little or no cost.

Time permitting, here are the questions we plan to answer tonight:

From Elaine:
Why should a band give away its music and set up profiles on every music site and blog? Giving away music builds an audience ... but how will I ever make a living?

From Jordan:
For the past few years I've been putting a lot of your guerrilla music marketing techniques into place. By doing so I've been able to score a lot of great press for my band The Gorgeous Hussies. In the last two months specifically, we've received glowing press, interviews and reviews in some of our region's biggest press outlets. But we received almost zero response from the public. We didn't see a big boost in show attendance, and our web site only saw a small bump in traffic. So what should I expect to come from all this press?

From Vikki:
How soon should you start creating a buzz about your upcoming CD?

From Chris in Brisbane, Australia:
How do you stop from burning out and keep believing you have something to offer?

From Neil:
What are the 2 or 3 top considerations to make prior to starting a Guerrilla-style career in music? What questions should I unreservedly answer "Yes" to before deciding to start such a career?

From Matt:
When it comes to Internet marketing, should the artist go to the fan or should the artist provide a place for the fan to come to the artist?

From Jeanine from Richmond, VA:
What's the most creative way you have seen a musician use Twitter lately?

From Peter Woolston from New Zealand:
What are the 3 simplest and most successful ways you have seen developing artists raise sufficient funds to record a new album.

From Sherri:
Assuming I have already recorded my album, am playing live shows, and have a MySpace music profile, what are the top 5 things I should be doing right now to promote myself as a new artist and sell music downloads?

From Lona in Saskatchewan, Canada:
Concerning an artist's online marketing campaign to release a new CD: is it more effective to have a gimmick and focus on this specifically? How important is a gimmick vs. the generalized online strategies?

Want an MP3 download of this and future "Ask Bob" teleclass calls?

I'm not charging anything for you to access the live call. But if you'd like an MP3 audio download of it (whether you were able to join the live call or not), that will be available for just $10 within a few days.

However you consume it, I look forward to sharing my ideas with you on this and future teleclasses. Get on the teleclass notification list here.

Did you miss the "Ask Bob" call I did in November?

You can purchase the MP3 audio and a PDF worksheet that includes a list of web sites mentioned during the call and space to take notes as you listen to the audio recording. Get details and see the 10 questions I answered that night on this page.


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