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February 11, 2010

Can You Handle What They'll Say About You?

One of the highlights of the movie Spiritual Liberation for me was when Michael Beckwith asked, "Will you be able to handle what people say about you when you start to let your light shine?"

That question hit home with me just the other day. And I bet there are times when it has (or will) hit home for you too.

I'll explain. But first a little background ...

This year my goal is to step things up and expand. To try new things and formats, to impact more people, to crank out more useful resources, etc.

One of the factors that led to this new level of inspiration is my involvement with a mastermind group of local friends in St. Louis. We meet about every three weeks and listen, encourage and inspire each other.

Among other things, my mastermind pals have encouraged me to play an even bigger game, realize my true worth, and step into a greater expression of who I am -- things we should all be encouraged to do.

That led to the launch of my new Virtual Music Coach site last month. And just the other day, I sent an email to my whole list about another new way I can serve: a four-week Guerrilla Music Marketing Mastermind & Brainstorming Group project, limited to 10 people.

I wanted to extend that mastermind group vibe I've enjoyed so much to a conference call environment. I was excited about it and a bit apprehensive, wondering what kind of response I'd get.

Here are examples of the types of email reactions I've received so far:
  • "Great idea, Bob! I'm VERY interested in this. I hope I'm one of the lucky 10!"
  • "Sure. I'm game."
  • "I'm very interested, but I can't afford it right now. Maybe in a couple months."
  • "A little pricey, don't you think?"
  • "I'm very interested, but I don't want to pay. With my experience level, I'd be a great asset to the group. You should comp me in."
  • "This is a terrible idea! I can't believe you would charge people for such a mundane service. I'm tired of everyone trying to make a buck by any means necessary. Take me off your email list!"
Hmmm ...

So, which of these reactions should I pay attention to? Which ones are valid?

The truth is, they are ALL valid. They are very real for each person who took the time to respond. Each one represents that person's reality.

So, as the creative person stepping out to try something new, how do I handle this variety of opinions?

Actually, I honor them all. But I have no choice but to focus my efforts on the people who see the value and resonate with my message.

I read, respect and consider the other responses. But I don't allow them to take hold and create fear and limitations in my thinking. I won't water down my ambitions or lower my prices on this particular offering (since I have tons of no-cost and low-cost resources that make up for it).

The real question is ...

How will YOU handle what people say about you when you start to let YOUR light shine?

By being scared and apprehensive? By playing small so you don't offend anyone?

Or ... by being the empowered artist that you are!


P.S. Luckily, it appears I have about 35 people who are genuinely excited and interested in getting one of the 10 spots. Wish me luck as I explore this new way to serve.

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posted by Bob Baker @ 12:03 PM   3 comments


At Feb 11, 2010, 11:21:00 PM, Anonymous Toni McMurphy said...

Bob, Hooray for letting your light shine brightly!!! You have so much knowledge, so many tools and continue to amass new helpful strategies every single day. From my perspective, you offer tremendous value at BARGAIN prices! Shine, Shine! Shine, Shine! With harmony ala Faith (Rivera, that is.)

At Feb 14, 2010, 9:55:00 PM, Blogger Laura Lynne Dyer said...

Bob, you continue to amaze me with your plethora of talents. Your creativity oozes out of you and I know that the lucky participants of your "other" Master Mind will be thrilled to have one-on-one time with you and the group.

At Jul 28, 2010, 5:21:00 AM, Anonymous Paul said...

Hello, my first time to this blog and I'm enjoying the content immensely. Nice job Bob!

My 2 cents on this post ("Can You Handle What They Say"):

One of the biggest obstacles we all face in life is our own inability to handle feedback. Many people literally crumble when critiqued (even if only mildly). This is particularly true of artists, but certainly not limited to them.

Personal and career growth is like iron in a fire. Without the heat, there's no test of strength - and ultimately the prospects of an untested individual become increasingly limited, as his or her inability to deal with any opposition begins to define his/her life.

The challenge for us all, but artists most especially is: know who you are and be comfortable with that. Once that happens ALL feedback will become fuel for your creativity. But argue for your limitations... and sure enough they're yours.


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