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August 03, 2010

Frank Kern: "Let's Cut the Crap Here!"

If you don't know who Frank Kern is, he's one of those Internet marketing guru types. While many of those guys can be annoying with their incessant email campaigns and product pitches, there's something about Frank I've always admired.

For one, he's a guitar player. And he comes off more as a cool surfer dude than a marketing expert. He's very good at using video to promote his programs, and he has a conversational way with words in his emails -- even poking fun at marketing while in the act of marketing itself.

Here's a recent email he sent -- a classic example of Frank Kern at his cool cat best:

Subject line: "Let's cut the crap here!"

OK listen.

Today's the day that I'm supposed to send you an email telling you that if you don't go to my cleverly disguised affiliate link here:

[I've removed the web address because the offer has expired.]

... And get Perpetual Traffic Machine ... then the world will end and there will be no hope for humanity.

And then I'm supposed to do like everyone else and offer a "killer bonus" (new kidney!) if you buy through my link.


Look, the ugly truth is I haven't even looked at the product. So I have no clue if it's any good.

I think it's probably good ... after all, lots of Ryan's stuff is VERY good.

In fact, I actually swiped the entire structure of my Mass Control and my List Control trainings from what I learned when I was watching Ryan create products.

And Ryan is a member of my primary mastermind group and I regularly call on him for advice. Plus, you've seen the quality of the pre-launch content. That was awesome.

So Perpetual Traffic Machine is most likely awesome.

... But I'm not going to bullshit you and act like I've personally reviewed it ... just so I can make a few bucks.

I haven't. Sorry.

With that said, the best advice I can give you is this:

1. If you *think* it'll help you, you're probably right ... hard to beat good ol' intuition.

2. You can probably get a pretty good bonus if you buy it through someone other than me.

3. If it isn't any good, you can get a refund.

... And considering the fact that 1/2 of the planet is promoting it right now, your inbox probably has plenty of good bonus offers to choose from.

So I don't see how you can go wrong.

Of course, you're welcome to use my blatant affiliate link below so I can make a few bucks.

I promise to squander the money on shiny objects and beer.

[web address link again]

Talk soon,

What I like about this -- besides the humor -- is that it shows that there are many ways to promote. You can always find a way to inject your unique personality into whatever you do.

Hope you enjoyed this. Now go buy something from me! :-)

Seriously, what do you think of Frank's email marketing style? How do you integrate your personality into your own promotion efforts? Please leave a comment below.

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posted by Bob Baker @ 2:32 PM   3 comments


At Aug 3, 2010, 5:28:00 PM, Anonymous Jim Jones said...


God damn it, stop it, n00b!

Now go buy Frank's crap with the money you've squandered from me.


At Aug 3, 2010, 9:02:00 PM, Anonymous Matt @ Kurb said...

I think this opens up a lot of possibilities dumb and less creative musicians and marketers don't think about.

Sometimes I've talked about "anti-branding" - when every band from myspace since is pouring on this hokey bull about "supporting us" and all this social media friendly nonsense, what's the best way to be different?

Bringing back the true spirit of the rock star, someone who wasn't constantly seeking approval and schilling their merch, someone who embodied the true spirit of creativity and freedom, not just the hungry desperation which we're so familiar with now.

These days, when fans are so savvy and aware, how do bands think they can survive pulling out the same tired stuff every other band has tried to do for the last 5 years? No I do not want to buy your stinking t-shirt! Maybe if you did something even slightly original I might care . . .

At Aug 17, 2010, 11:57:00 PM, Blogger Alison said...

I think its a great approach. Its honest in a way that a friend would be in an email, you get to the end of it and you feel like you've just had a light hearted conversation in which you agree with what hes saying. But the best part is, that you then have subconciously attached that pleasant "fun conversation with a friend" feeling to what hes offering you!


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