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September 30, 2010

How to Create an Indie Artist Profile on Apple's Ping Network

When Apple launched it's new Ping network with the new version of iTunes, a lot of independent musicians were frustrated that they couldn't immediately set up an artist profile page on the network.

So most of them just grumbled and sat back to wait for Tunecore or CD Baby to work out the details for them.

But not Frank Colin of Gulture Enterprises.

"I assist the legendary independent blues and rock musician Jimmy Z with his website and social media," Frank writes on his blog. "As soon as I upgraded iTunes ... it became my mission to get his profile on Ping ..."

That's an understatement. Through persistence and some creative communications, Frank was able to set up a Ping profile by working directly with Apple. But it wasn't easy.

Frank chronicles how he did it, in great detail, in a great series of blog posts:

First read "How an Independent Musician Might Get a Profile on Ping."

Then read "How to Create an Independent Musician Profile on iTunes Ping" for even more of the nitty gritty."

Congrats to Frank for finding a way to get inside the machine and work the system!


P.S. Have you had any luck setting up a Ping artist profile? Let me know in the Comments section below ...
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