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November 23, 2010

Connection Addiction: Lessons from 28 hours 'Off the Grid'

Yesterday, I tried something that was out of the ordinary for me. I actually -- gasp! -- went a whole 28 hours without posting any new updates to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

If you pay attention to my online social media stream, you know that's unusual, as most days I post from 8 to 10 updates.

The idea for this social media retreat came while reading Leo Babauta's new book "Focus" (which you can get in both free and paid versions here).

Leo writes about "Connection Addiction" and how it can distract us from our creative output and enjoyment of life.

Like Leo, I am not bashing all the wonders of technology and instant access we have today. These tools allow me to make a living and serve in a greater way than I ever did prior to their existence. I'm grateful and plan to keep using them.

But it was eye-opening to experience what I went though yesterday. Let me explain ...

My last post before the break promised "I will completely disconnect today. No Tweeting, Facebooking, etc for a full 24 hours. Wish me luck!"

I did live up to my promise to not post anything new for a full day. But I did not "completely disconnect" during that period. And that certainly led to some new insights into the role of technology in my life.

I did manage to stay away from my desktop computer most of the day and get out and do things. But ... of course, my iPhone was always close by.

Throughout the day, I often felt the need to see if anyone was commenting on Facebook or Twitter. Most of the time, I resisted the urge. But many times, I gave in. I checked email, opened the Mashable app to see the latest tech posts, and more.

This technology thing really can be addictive. And like anything, it can be used to enhance and improve your life ... or used to distract you and get you off track.

How often have you logged into Facebook or sat down to check email ... and the next thing you know, two hours have gone by?

Luckily, I don't get sucked into games or cute kitty videos or similar trivial content online. But I admit I get sucked in -- and could benefit from a serious accounting of how I spend my time online and off.

Can you relate?

I'll wrap up this post for now, but I do hope to return to this topic with some specific strategies for dealing with Connection Addiction and making the best "good use" of technology.

I welcome your thoughts in the Comments section below.

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