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July 20, 2011

Google+ for Music Marketing

Tech geeks the world over have been drooling the past few weeks over Google's new social platform called Google+ (which is simply pronounced "Google Plus").

You may already be using it. But if you're not, don't feel bad. Google+ is so new, it's still officially in "beta" mode and by invitation only. Word has it that it will go fully public within a couple of weeks.

If you're just now learning about it, take a quick look at this page for Google's overview.

Reportedly, 18 million people have signed up in its first few weeks, and it has a lot of prominent bloggers and social media experts buzzing.

Opinions on Google+ range widely, from calling it a "Facebook killer" to asking "Why in the hell do we need another social networking site to manage?"

I'm still getting acquainted with the features myself. And I've seen lots of buzz sites come and go nowhere, like And let's not forget Google Wave, a project that was closed within a year of its launch.

So I'm very cautious about predicting that any new thing will become the next Big Thing. But since it is getting a lot of attention, and since it is powered by the Google machine, I think it is worth starting a Google+ account and at least exploring what all the hoopla is about.

By the way, you can find my Google+ profile here.

Running Around in Circles

One of the first features you'll notice that sets apart G+ (as all the hipsters refer to it :-) is something called Circles. In essence it's a way to divide the people you keep tabs on into separate groups.

This function is actually nothing new. On Facebook you can create friend list subgroups, but few people use it or even know about it. Twitter also gives you the ability to create lists that display the feeds of people you select.

The difference I see with Google+ is that it places a big emphasis on Circles. And it gives you a more visually appealing, drag-and-drop way to categorize the people you want to follow and interact with.

Here's a Google video that explains it:

Some obvious Circle categories for artists might be Fans, Media People, Music Biz Tips, Other Musicians, etc.

As the video above explains, when you post updates, you can choose which of your Circles will see them. That way, you can post specific messages just for fans or only for other artists, etc. That is something that sets Google+ apart from Facebook, Twitter, and others.

What are your initial thoughts on Google+? Will you sign up and use it? I welcome your comments.


P.S. In the next post I talk about Google+ Hangouts, one of the most promising features of Google+.
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posted by Bob Baker @ 3:22 AM   5 comments


At Jul 20, 2011, 4:03:00 PM, Blogger Sam Bhattacharya said...

Hi Bob, I recently signed up for Google+ and just added you to my friends circle.

At Jul 25, 2011, 1:57:00 PM, Blogger Stacey Cornelius said...

I'm seeing the same old issues, like the a couple you discussed in your Facebook Fan Page mistakes post: just publishing announcements and always selling.

There's huge potential in Hangouts, where you can chat with people through live video. What a way to give your fans a backstage pass!

It's also a very cool way to have a virtual songwriter's circle.

Google+ will be very exciting, if people work to get all the platform has to offer.

At Aug 8, 2011, 3:28:00 AM, Anonymous Jeremy Gilbert said...

You would be hard pressed to NOT have heard of Google+, the newest social networking and sharing tool from Google which after one month of existence boasts around 18 million users. Artists are already bombarded with a plethora of tools to help them connect with their fans, but Google+ truly adds some unique features which have great potential for integration into a musicians marketing arsena

At Aug 10, 2011, 3:14:00 AM, Anonymous Kevin MacCash said...

I am being stalked from someone on facebook and was pretty bummed about it and then I read a really positive article you posted and it made me feel better. Now I read about this new project from Google and I would say that its and excellent idea. I have often wished that you could organize the people on facebook to avoid socail problems (like stalkers or people that just don't need to know.) Ya great thanks Bob for letting me know. Hope this takes off.

At Aug 18, 2011, 1:35:00 PM, Blogger DJMG said...

The reason why lists on FB and Twitter aren't very popular is because they didn't start off with them. It was something that was added later. With G+ starting off with Circles from the jump it makes adding people to the circles a lot easier ... as you accept them on your profile or as you find people. It's very hard to go through over a thousand friends on FB or Twitter and organize them.


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