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July 23, 2012

Brilliant Marketing Idea: Present a Brag About Your [...] Day!

Denise Wakeman is a business blogging and online marketing advisor. I've had the good fortune of meeting her at book conferences where we both presented.

Last year she started doing something on Facebook that I thought was brilliant. In fact, she does it once a month.

To explain what it is, here's the beginning of a post on her Facebook fan page:

"It's Brag About Your Blog Day! Every month I invite you to post a link to your blog ..."

Every time she does this, hundreds of people take her up on the offer. I did too. See for yourself on this page.

What a great way to promote others, spread some good will, and bring attention to herself and what she does at the same time!

Hmm ... I wonder how a music promoter could use this idea?

Well, I immediately thought that I should do a "Brag About Your Band Day" or "Brag About Your Music Day." That would fit perfectly with my target audience.

But what about your audience?

If you teach guitar lessons, how about a "Brag About Your Guitar Day"? If you run a recording studio, maybe "Brag About Your New Track."

If you perform hip-hop, you could do a "What's Your Favorite Hip-Hop Album Day" or "Who's Your Favorite Hip-Hop Artist Day."

You could also do a more general "Brag About Your City Day" or "Brag About Your Favorite T-Shirt Day" ... or you could create link love for other performers and do your own version of "Brag About Your Music Day."

The possibilities are endless. So just pick one ... and try it. Then let me know how it went.

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