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April 29, 2013

5 Best Podcasting Tutorials - Promote Your Music with Your Own Podcast

The funny thing about podcasts is ... you never know where people stand on them.

Many musicians are totally hip to podcasts, subscribe to several, and listen while they drive, walk or jog. Some use the Apple podcast app, know what an RSS feed is, have heard of Spreaker and Stitcher, and maybe even produce a podcast themselves.

But others have only a vague notion of what a podcast is, and even if they do, they've never really heard one or taken the time to learn more about them. If you fall into either camp, keep reading ...

According to one research study, 29% of Americans have listened to an audio podcast. Also, one in four podcast consumers plug their MP3 players or smartphones into their car audio system "nearly every day." That equals many millions of people consuming media in this way, and the numbers have been growing every year.

Essentially, podcasts are online radio shows that anyone can create, publish and distribute digitally. Certainly, as a self-promoting musician, you should be on the lookout for podcasts that might play your music or feature you as a guest.

But beyond that, you should also consider publishing one yourself. Why beat down someone else's door begging for exposure when you can simply create your own vehicle for exposure?

I've been producing my Artist Empowerment Radio podcast since 2005. If I can do it, you can too.

Of course, there are more technical requirements involved when producing a podcast compared to a simple text blog. But if you're a musician, there's a good chance you already know your way around recording software and microphones. So it might be a lot easier than you think.

Maybe some day I'll create a how-to-podcast resource myself, but for now I want to direct you to the five best podcasting tutorials that I know of. Use these free guides to help you start your own online radio show:

How to Start a Podcast - Pat's Complete Step-By-Step Podcasting Tutorial

Pat Flynn has become an Internet sensation with his Smart Passive Income blog and podcast. Every week he shares exactly what he does to make a good living online. This tutorial is amazingly detailed and truly is "complete." In fact, you may not need another podcasting resource beyond this one.

Learn How to Podcast 101

Cliff Ravenscraft is known as "The Podcast Answer Man." He doesn't just publish a podcast by that name. He's created a podcasting empire in which he has produced more than 2,800 individual episodes of more than 20 different shows. In this free eight-part video series, Cliff shows you how to do what he does.

The Definitive Guide to Setting Up and Marketing a Podcast

Chris Ducker's guest post on the ProBlogger website is likewise a pretty complete overview of the podcast creation process - from planning, recording, publishing and marketing your podcast to the hardware and software you’ll need and post-production work, he covers it all.

Audacity Tutorial for Podcasters

My pal Jason Van Orden (of the Internet Business Mastery podcast and author of the book Promoting Your Podcast) created this handy tutorial. In six free videos he shows you how to use Audacity, the free open source audio software, to record and edit your podcast.

Making a Podcast

One of the biggest distributors of free podcast content on the planet is the iTunes store. Apple offers a lot of helpful info on how to format and submit your podcast once you have one ready for prime time!

There you go, in five links - what amounts to a college education on how to produce and distribute your very own podcast. Start studying and get ready to broadcast yourself (and your music) to the world!


The microphone photo above is by Matthew Keefe. The RSS feed logo is by derrickkwa.
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